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German Pneumatics Engineering GmbH was established in Leipzig 2013 as Original Equipment Manufacturer for turbo compressor units. We are specialists for the development and manufacturing of new (machines) compressor solutions, maintenance, supply of spare parts and reconditioning of existing machines.

We stand out with fast response, with customized solutions, with the ability to build fully API compliant and made-to-order-machines. Our experts are at your disposal with many years of experience, established engineering knowledge and the ability of fastest response.

Our established global reference list reflects our many years activity in travel around the world to serve our customer, supplying and supporting compressors in multiple sectors keeping our customers processes running and avoiding unexpected production loss.

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Company Policy – German Pneumatics Engineering GmbH

Our company policy applies to all employees of German Pneumatics Engineering GmbH. The management and executives support the company policy by their daily actions in an exemplary manner. Relevant national and international laws and regulations are naturally observed by us. We maintain open and honest dialogues with employees, customers, suppliers and authorities.


The customer is our benchmark for the quality of our products and services. We prove their trust in us through competent service and an open and honest dialogue with the customer.

For projects with an order volume of more than one million euros, our customers receive a monthly report in which the progress of the project is reported.


Motivated, entrepreneurial and professionally acting employees are a basis for success for us. Their safety and health are therefore part of the company goal of ” work without accidents”, which involves important tasks at the management level. We work as a team. Projects, tasks and problems are handled together. Performance, commitment and dedication are valued. Further education, training and personal development that are useful for the company’s goals are encouraged and supported. In case of difficulties, solutions are found through constructive discussions. This increases the team and safety awareness of the employees in their activities.


Each employee is responsible for the achievement of product quality in his or her work. The quality of each work step guarantees the fulfilment of the high quality requirements of GPE-Turbo for its products and services. Forward-looking action is expected and supported by the dual control principle in many process steps. Projects are evaluated by means of risk analyses and, if necessary, action is taken to minimize these. In the event of follow-up work, problems and errors, open communication and discussions are held on how similar errors can be avoided in the future.


For us, environmental protection is an integral part of the company. By constantly improving our facilities and the performance of our plants, we aim for the best possible use of energy, which saves resources.

This corporate objective is also pursued in the procurement of investments and equipment. In doing so, attention is paid to the avoidance of waste and emissions. In addition, legal requirements are enforced and further measures to protect the environment are introduced through continuous improvement.

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