Single Shaft Compressors

CCS-Type Compressor

These type of compressor focuses on the application to compress process gas only. The design has prooved the high reliability, low operation costs and fullfills highest safety standards.

The CCS-Type compressor uses a horizontal split casing and can be used for toxic gases. Due to the single shaft design it has advantages in view of sealing solution. We provide single shaft compressors with two up to six stages.

Our range for single shaft compressors:

  • Up to 200 bar (a)

  • Up to flow rate of 150.000 Nm³/h

  • Up to 8-stage single shaft compressors

  • All gas mixtures

CCL-Type Compressor

This special design is the classical API 617 part 2 machine. Bearing block compressors use a stand alone gear box according to API 613. The advantage of such solution is that you have no axial forces on the gear box. The main applications are in Petrochemical Industry.

These compressors are single stage machines.

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